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Pakistan Institute of Career Counselling (PICC) offers diversified training programs for school leaders & administrator, teachers, and career counsellors. Below is the list of courses.”


Communication is considered to be a very important factor in the entire learning process. This workshop will train teachers to select the right teaching strategies which will enable pupils to learn well through effective communication and speaking skills. It will inform teachers the art of building rapport with students at the different levels of communication and the barriers and how to overcome them. Download The Brochure



Since 9/11, global geo-political scenario is changing abruptly and there are many emerging challenges for academic institutions especially school to upgrade their school security and foolproof student safety. School shootings were common phenomena in the USA, but in Pakistan this was not someone could expect which call for a re-strategize our school policies to avoid these regular incidents involve both physical and psychological factors to be addressed. It is important that leadership and teaching and supporting staff of schools need to change their understanding on this issue which is currently creating big threat for students and parents. Download The Brochure



Classroom management is an important area which is directly connected to student’s success and school efficiency. The one-day training working is designed to train teachers in learning confidence as class leaders. A range of proactive strategies that teachers can implement to improve classroom environment and implement behavior policies to create the most effective and receptive classroom environment for conducive learning. Download The Brochure



Modern Teaching Methodology and Techniques are important for teachers to keep themselves abreast of the latest theories; and the practices in new and modern education environment to obtain and achieve better student success ratios. Further, this workshop contains information that will help teachers to understand the most latest theories and strategies that would support them in teaching particular subjects, assign home works, class works and conduct mock examinations to assess and evaluate their own performances and keep their students’ progress monitored. Download The Brochure



This one-day workshop will help your career advisors and counselors to understand the basic factors and techniques that are involved in career counselling especially for young children and GCSE students seeking further education abroad. The presentation contains important information on how to write personal statements, making a CV, and developing portfolios; that are backbone to the success of entry/admission applications to highly ranked universities.  This training also includes vital information to locate, identify, and apply for scholarships that are most relevant to their students in developed countries. Download The Brochure



Parent-Teacher relationship is an important area which has an impact on both student and school success which ultimately leads to better enrollment and school efficiency. This one-day workshop will train teachers to understand different parenting styles and how to deal with difficult parents. It will inform those education managers and teachers who are responsible for student progress reports during a parent-teacher meeting. The presentation will contain examples and modern theories, myths, and facts about this important area which is directly connected with student success and school efficiency and profiling. Download The Brochure

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